Why choosing us?

We are gonna give you the best reason on why you should do your computer project with us:

Continuous Research

In Cloudzard Technologies we are always researching the latest technologies and tendencies in the mark to be able to be at the level of any other software development company in the world. We aren't scared by any project or idea because we always know what we need to do and how to develop it.

We never say NO to a project

While other companies limit theirself to make projects in which they feel comfortable, in Cloudzard we always try to overcome our limits and bring the ideas customers give us to reality in the best way as possible. Never a project has made us feel intimidated and the projects we have done has been r...

Brilliant Minds

Our team is made with professionals who love what they do, that have done it for years and that has the ability to make any type of project succeed. We aren't satisfied to have ordinary collaborators, in here each person of our team are masters in what they do and nothing stops them at all.


Informatics Projects We Do


We develop websites for your company, business, startup, event, etc, highly professional and in less than 2 weeks.

Web Platforms

Accounting systems, checking systems, inventory, control, and any other type of platform which we create in the cloud so you can access it from any device with internet connection.  

Mobile Applications

We develop applications for Android (Samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola, etc) and iOS (iPhone, iPad), tell us what you want to do and we make it! In general these applications have a small web system behin...


Who doesn't likes to play games? That's the reasons why we make games for mobile applications or for computers using the popular game engines in the market.

Computer Software

Would you like to develop an application for Windows? No problem at all, we can develop it for sure with the Visual Studio suit.

Artistic Projects


"Not taking risks in life is like not living. We always need to move f

Emanuel Espinoza


"I love art and I love how it help us manifest our ideas."  

Jena Calhoun


"You always have to give the best of yourself in anything you do, in t

"Treat the others how you would like to be treated, that will allow yo

Paulina Valdivieso


Technological News

The 3.5mm Audio Jack is C...

October 7, 2017// By: Cloudzard

Last year when the iPhone 7 came out a lot of people criticized Apple for their decision to get rid of the 3.5mm au...

BlackBerry Krypton Coming...

October 7, 2017// By: Cloudzard

Images and specifications has been leaked of the new device of RIM which is the creator of the iconic BlackBerry mo...

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